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Why does Drop think it's ok to not honor warranty claims?

Bought the PC38X in Dec 2021. Stated on the item - and still on the product page - that they have a 2 year warranty. For the last 2 weeks the balance is not working anymore, and the sound ends up in just the R side or L side of both. It especially happens when I adjust the volume knob. I tried different cables and devices, same problem. The Drop rep so far has tried to lie to me several times, saying that: 1) I should try things I already mentioned I tried (they never read my first e-mail carefully) 2) That they're not in warranty anymore (bold lie, as per the website, and they confirmed the order date is within 2 years) 3) That they're in warranty, but no stock is available, so would I accept a $20 Drop credit instead (again a bold lie, they're available and IN STOCK on the website) Why does Drop think it's ok to blatantly not honour warranty on a defective product, and why is it ok to make-up random excuses every step of the way?

Dec 6, 2023
Me too. I had a similar warranty issue and the rep finally closed the ticket and stated they wouldn't reply further. Offering 20$ as compensation with no regard to what the initial cost of the product was while blatantly lying about their warranty is disgraceful. Can't Recommend anyone use Drop.
Hey, I'm not sure about the specifics of this case so can't speak to the particular conversation you had, but I did flag this internally. I'm very sorry about your negative experience getting this resolved. Hopefully we can turn that around for you.
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