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FOR THOSE UNDERWHELMED BY SOUND TRY BLUETOOTH? So I've had these for a few months now and it fits the tight space but I too was very disappointed in its acoustic performance; it sounded thin and totally lacking in the lows. I remembered reading that the product performs best with the 3.5mm connection so I stuck with it. Before posting a 2 star review I thought it would be fair to try BT and the speaker came to life. I didn't think much of the larger passive radiators just not contributing at all in 3.5mm mode (just thought wow its reaaaally passive..) but in BT mode the speaker works as it should with the radiators functioning. Further testing, switching between 2.0 and 2.1 does not seem to change the sound much leading me to think somewhere in the chain its cutting off lows? I am investigating if it is my PC (heard not nice things about realtek alc4080) in the meantime I wanted to reach out if I am alone in this issue since I see many poor reviews citing poor sound. When working, I don't think the sound is lacking for $99 at all.



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