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Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Yellow Gaming Headset

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Not sure how or if the quality has changed with the "Drop + EPOS PC38X Yellow Gaming Headset" which has succeeded this product, however I've really enjoyed using the Sennheiser version headset for the past 26 months, Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones out there, making Airpods look like an air freshener. The TLDR is if the new version is still comparable in quality, I highly recommend it if it's in your budget, you won't be disappointed with the quality! Significantly better build quality and therefore more durable than my previous Corsair headset, the sound and mic quality are notably superior to the average "gaming headset" to the point where I have received compliments about this headset numerous times. Comes with 2 pairs of matching braided cables, which you can unplug from the headset for easy cable management and whatnot, it is just an excellently designed and thought-out product all around, highly satisfied! The quality is excellent, best headset I've ever owned overall by far! It is hella comfortable for long sessions, mechanical quality is excellent and range of adjust-ability for fit is great, it is relatively hygienic and won't soak up sweet like some headsets do, it is easy to clean, the mic is study, the ear-cups can be removed or replaced for cleaning.


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