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Back lit option?

I was looking around for a customisable keyboard, but I'm not able to find where if any, keyswitches have some kind of lighting so I might be able to work without turning on the light in my room, as it's a really bright one; just like any normal backlit keyboard.

Dec 26, 2023
Take a look at this: It has a white backlight, that can be adjusted in brightness but not color, and then it also has an RGB under glow that can be changed in VIA. If you want a white keyboard I would highly recommend it. It’s metal and has a weight which makes it feel super high quality.
Dec 27, 2023
devourisdeadThanks, but I'm looking for some thing like a keycap with translucent letter, that would be illuminated. So a combination of switches with a light inside, if something like this exist. My idea would be to use them on a custom splitted keyboard, as I have a narrow desk, but pretty large from the sides, so I could have a A4 notebook open (so technically an A3) in between my hands while typing what'n on my notes. I have a really bad calligraphy on tablets, slightly better on paper....
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