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This product page is frustrating. I can't tell from the description (or all the Q/A) whether this actually is a proper nested jog/shuttle setup for non-linear editing (compare to the physical functionality of a Contour Shuttle Express or Pro V2) or if it's just styled to look like one. If this is just a rad-looking NLE-"inspired" Spotify controller/general macropad, that's cool, but I don't personally have a use for it. If this is a legit NLE controller (see dial/ring questions below) that looks this nice, I need one right away. Inner Dial (with finger divot): Does this dial have frame-by-frame detents like a traditional NLE Jog Dial, providing tactile feedback where each detent = a single frame? Outer Ring: Is the outer ring spring-loaded to return to center, like a traditional NLE Shuttle Ring? Is it set up to scrub more quickly (or even Shuttle!) through media than the dial, with progressively higher speed the further you push into the spring's resistance, the way a traditional NLE Shuttle Ring is? Or is it just a spinny outer ring you can use for volume or whatever? Finally, is there or is there not functioning software/driver clearly designated and available for this controller? How about a link, to software someone selling the controller has actually used to set it up correctly - even if its 3rd party - right here on the Drop product page? I've always wanted to check out a Megalodon because they look beautiful and solid, and it seems like a good price for a chunk of aluminum with this level of finish. I'd love to have one of these on my desk instead of my dumpy-looking plastic Shuttle Xpress - assuming I can actually get proper NLE functionality out of it. Unfortunately, because of inadequate descriptions on nebulous product pages, I've never been able to justify taking the risk of buying one.

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