Mar 13, 2017101 views

Best <$80 IEMs with even response?

Hi All,
Currently looking for some new IEMs with a relatively even response graph as I listen to mainly classical and jazz (I'm a concert trombonist) and very little pop so I don't want the extra bass. Bluetooth would be a very very nice plus but is not a prerequisite. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you so much for any suggestions!

The EX1s soundstage and speed are a very nice plus for classical tracks. I am a classical fan myself! But its extended and tight bass allows it to handle almost any other genre equally well.
I own both the Ex1 and the re400, as well as latest version of the EX1, the EX1 gen II. The EX1 versions are better than the re400, technically speaking at least.
The Fiio EX1 are usually rated better than the re-400 and they are cheaper on Amazon, but just check reviews for what you like music wise.
I guess you are looking for HiFiMAN RE-400.