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THX 789 distortion?

Setup: I bought THX 789 for the massive output of idk 6W/32ohms, but whenever I try to use my Sundara/Modhouse Argon/HD600/Arya V2/...whatever, I cannot reach decent listening levels in terms of db without getting this scratching/hissing noise in the background ... I think it's distortion. (DAC I use: Geshelli labs - J2, set to max volume) Settings: With an XLR output, gain setting level at 2/3 and the volume knob set to 2-4 o'clock, hearing distortion from a 250-350$ THX amp shouldn't be a thing, should it? With somewhat hard to drive headphones, I'm not reaching 70db, but I can already hear this godforsaken noise on all tracks without a constant stream of sound. If you dare to up the volume past 4 o'clock, or past 12 on gain setting 3/3, this noise becomes so loud, it might as well be an additional instrument Music: The tracks I usually listen to involve so few instruments, that you don't have a constant stream of sound. (e.g. Creep - Lena Hall) I'd love to get some feedback! Is my unit/setup broken, or should I upgrade the amp? Could dirty XLR ports be the cause? Could the XLR cables connecting the dac - amp - headphone be too long concerning cable resistance, so the amp has to compensate for low input volume, introducing more distortion? Is low distortion a thing you only get with 500$+ amps from Topping/SMSL ?
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