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Six months is too short, right?

About six months ago, I got my first OTL DAC and it has been life changing. I have a hard time not using my DAC. I also got some ATH-R70x headphones to go with it. I've run into a problem, though. Lately, I've been getting some really serious feedback from my headphones. I'm a little worried, and want to get some insight into what on earth could be going on with my Audio setup. I'm fine with replacing some of the pieces, but I'd rather know what I need to replace. On the flip side, I'm wondering what could have gone wrong with my setup in six months. 'Cause six months is too short for this problem, right?

Hmm, it does sound strange. Could you detail a little more about your setup / signal chain (what is the source device, is the OTL DAC you mention the TA-84 with integrated amp, or are you using a separate amp, etc)? Is the problem only present when using those headphones, or do you have any others to swap out and compare against? Similarly, are you able to isolate any of the other points in the process, like changing to a different amp/dac or source?
Jun 7, 2024
HoffmanMysterAfter running my tests, it appears that the problem is my TA-84. I'm hoping it's something as "simple" as replacing the tubes. But what tests can I run to make sure that it is, in fact, the tubes and not something worse that I wouldn't know how to fix?
Ike4948Thanks for running those tests and diagnosing. This might sound silly, but could you try re-seating the tubes in the amp? Admittedly my knowledge and experience with the TA-84 is nil, so anything more specific to that unit will require assistance from someone with more experience. Let me know and I'll call in the troops to help.
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