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Hide items which are not shipable to delivery country

it would be super helpful if you can hide all Drops which aren't shippable to your country. Also if I receive e-mails for drops i would instantly buy, but are again not shipable to my country. It annoying to see drops you like, get notifications from your subscribed communities, but the things are not shipable to my country. (in my case Germany).
José Manuel Snyder, r3b311i0n, and 14 others

I like your idea!
I agree... I have also noticed that none of the drops actually ship outside of the USA anymore... Even items I have previously purchased, and had shipped to me (in Australia) are now no longer shipping to here... I think Massdrop may just lose me as a customer now... unless they work out a shipping filter, and can start shipping overseas again!
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Ahh man, that sucks! Oz really gets the short end of everything =/ Hopefully MD will attempt at figuring out a way to get things shipped everywhere. There's a lot of the things that I really want, but aren't shipped cause of weird reasons.
I think that's because they need to know where they're shipping to before they can calculate the cost. For me I have a few saved addresses so I can have more than one shipping options. Although they can just allow you to pick a default address like what eBay does. But currently this is how it is working.