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What Headphone Should I Buy ?

Hello massdrop . This is my first post so please keep that in mind ;) . So my problem is that I am a gamer and I really like to listen to music and would like to have the best sound , comfort , and prefer that it be wireless . I don't need to worry about a mic because I already have a blue snowball but the headphones that i get to play on the pc will be my common use / daily drivers so i NEED it to be GAWDLY
Here are the basic requirements
  • Noice Sound
  • Comfort
  • Wireless ( preferably )
  • sound proof ( outside )
  • build quality
  • good for different types of music
  • not too much bass
  • able to be tuned
  • Under 400 dollars
I hope that those things weren't too much . Now the most important need out of all of those are : Comfort and Noice Sound .

Other than that I am also looking for headsets
Im talking about the ones that i would use in PS4 and XBOX chat . I need these to be able to change party volume and in-game volume very easily , comfort , good mic , and good build quality . Another thing that i am looking for is to find good headsets that are wireless too . They dont have to be but I would prefer them as cable management would be a lot easier . I need to have it so that both the mic cord and headphone cords are the same because then i can plug it into my consoles . Now i have been looking at the Steelseries Arctis 7 . They do come with a wire for xbox and are mostly wireless ( my example of what I am looking for)Though another requirement for this headset is that it NEEDS to have a good quality microphone .

I hope that these requirements werent too much and I made it so that it is very hard to find a headset .
Thnx Massdrop

A community member
Apr 5, 2017
For gaming headsets it's difficult to find really great sounding sets. I once had a pair of Astro a50s for gaming and although it was pretty much everything you are looking for it just didn't sound all that good compared to some headphones I had heard. For a gaming headset the only one I can imagine thats actually pretty good sounding is the sennheiser game zero. There may be more I just don't rate them in all honesty.
For out and about I'd look at some bower & wilkins wireless headphones.
If you are listening at home and don't mind some sound leak then go with open headphones something like a fidelio x2 sound great for music and gaming but no sound isolation.
I use the fidelio x2 and modmic 4 with the PlayStation and Xbox sounds great and the mic is really top notch.
Apr 6, 2017
I am leaning towards the Bose QC35's . But thank you anyways for your help ;)
A community member
Apr 6, 2017
deycallmelionAnytime mate hope you enjoy them if you decide on them. :)
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