My original fidget spinner, and my new one!

This is a bearing I have had for the past 20 years. I've fidgeted millions of time with it. I always have to fidget with something. Or doodle when on the phone.
It's just a bearing I picked up at university where I was studying Industrial Design (there was always lots of scrap stuff lying around); it's about 4 cm in diameter, 65 g, and is engraved as follow: 'Japan, Nachi, 6203'. I don't think it's a limited edition 😂
With time, I was able to achieve unbelievable spin times of 20 to 30 seconds 😂.
Now, having just received the Giggle Hands fidget bought earlier here on Massdrop, I have to say, that's way more enjoyable than an old cranky raw bearing! Spins a lot longer, too!
By the way I ordered three, and gave a purple one to my daughter, who seems to have inherited my tendency to fidget and doodle.
In the weeks since I discovered spinners exist, thanks to Massdrop, I already have developed an obsession about spinners and have now about half a dozen on order, mostly Chinese made affordable ones, and a few original US made ones (but still fairly affordable ones; none of that $175 fidget nonsense for me).
I'm sure this won't be my last post about spinners!

Apr 17, 2017
I got a couple from the first go around for two of my grand kids. I had to open them up for a complete inspection. For the price they're good enough for two kids. I found that treating the bearings with a bit of Tuff Glide greatly improved the spin time, still kind of noisy though. Now I want to find one of a bit higher quality, bu t like you $175 is way to much for me to pay so I can enjoy fidgeting! Since you've entered the market somewhat do you have any recommendations as to a good quality spinner that won't break the bank?
Apr 18, 2017
Each person has its own tastes, so I'm gonna make my recommendations based on mine but YMMV. So first of all, I have to say I like smaller spinners, rather than bigger ones. And I also prefer spinners that are made in small batches by artisans, rather than mass produced ones.
The small batch ones are usually very expensive, but some exceptions exist, and some artisans make more affordable ones. Here are my own recommendations (I have several of the below on order or already on hand): - Phat Boy, Phat Boy Nano, Idler: - Brass Monkey Spinners: - The Ergo line: - The Dab and its siblings:
The following, I have read about and am considering for the future, but have not ordered yet: - Spinergy: - The iFDGT: - The Falcon and the Maelstrom comes recommended as some of the best spinners one can buy; if you buy only one or two, probably you should buy these:
Finally, these are the mass produced spinners that I have read about and seem to have very positive reviews. Several of these are essentially the same generic spinners that are purchased by US online entrepreneurs and resold / re-branded with different names in US online spinner and gadget stores; so you can get them cheaper directly from Asia (I use FastTech, but AliBaba, AliExpress, Rakuten, GearBest, etc. also sell these). I believe the below spinners are more or less all sourced from the same factories, and it should matter little from whom you get them (I have several on order, to use as gifts): (gets rave reviews) (gets rave reviews also; very popular one) (one of the spinners that gets the more reviews and accolades under different names - since it is marketed under different names by various retailers - and it seems to get 5 or 6 minute spin times!!!)
Some of the above are clones of well known - and expensive - spinners. In other words, these are spinners designed to mimic the look and feel of much more expensive ones that have gained a following. The originals' designs are not patented and it's legal to make spinners that look very much like them; it's legal but perhaps morally ambiguous. Ironically, in many cases the clones spin as well - sometimes even better! - as the originals.
Generally speaking, FastTech and these other Asian distributors come up with new models on an almost daily basis; FastTech had 500 listed!
Hope this helps!
Apr 28, 2017
Wow! Yes Sir this helps. I appreciate it!
Hey!!!! We made that bearing first! ( made in japan,what a joke! )
Apr 6, 2017
I bet a bunch of parts distributors on Amazon are about to wonder why the hell demand for Nachi ball-bearings just skyrocketed
Apr 14, 2017
No doubt. If you can get 20-30 seconds with just a bearing housing, imagine what could be hit with a little weight hanging out an inch or so?