Apr 23, 20171166 views

Amp suggestions for akg k702?

Im looking at getting some monitors for mixing, i was wondering what are some good amps in or around the $200 price range?

Dragonfly red or the shozy magic dac amp if neutral is what you want
A very nice portable DAC Amp is the Oppo HA-2SE. These can be had for about $200 on the grey market sites like eBay. Cool thing is the Oppo can also be used as an external battery to charge another device. I love products that serve more than one purpose when I'm forced to travel. It's also an excellent desktop solution I used for quite awhile. Only reason it got replaced was I got into high impedence headphones like Beyerdynamic, Audeze and ZMF.
Use the O2/ODAC revB combo together with the Ifi iusb3.0. Works wonders.
try hifime sabre 9018. if u need more - get regular AV receiver, from Yamaha for example.
For mixing/analytical listening it's hard to beat the O2. It is very neutral and will show you exactly what is in your music and should have plenty of poost to drive the k702 to its full potential.
I have a pair of akg k702 I used s.m.s.l. m6 worked great