HE-350 open back

i need some sweet headphones for on the go. and travel. the HE-350 look nice but are openback. how much sound leakage does it have?

Dec 2, 2018
Re: HiFiMan HE350 & Concerns about Overall Quality of Other Drops Poor quality build of connection bracket. The 2 legs of the Y bracket connecting the left side ear speaker to the head band have broken.  These headphone have never been dropped and broke as I was taking them off my head!!!!! I see that other customer's have had the same issue in the past and was hoping that flaw had been corrected prior to my purchase. Additionally, I have participated in numerous Drops with number of items from Massdrop still out for delivery. However, I am now becomming very concerned as to the OVERALL QUALITY of the products being offered in each drop. I EXPECT the quality of the Massdrop items to be IMPROVED, BETTER or IDENTICAL to the original Manufacturers product. I am starting to get the feeling that MassDrop is only selling products that are old inventory, Quality Control & Inspection Rejections or Open Box Returns!!!!! To Date I have received 4 items purchased and 3 of the 4 were defective upon arrival or shortly after unboxing and with limited use. - Qty. (3) HiFiman Bolt In-Ear Monitors - 2 of 3 not working properly and have static or mic problems. No ticket submitted, but will be forth comming - Qty. (3) Klymat Top Down Pillow - Stitching of seams on 2 of the 3 units is too close to fabric edge and is pulling apart. There is a hole into the down compartment of 1 pillow. Ticket has been submitted, Waiting for reply. Cheers, Terry
May 14, 2017
Avoid open can if youre leaving the house because not only with everyone hear everything, but you will be able to hear everthing else too
May 12, 2017
For open cans these are actually quite isolated. "For open cans" is the key phrase though. They leak a lot of sound in both directions. Just not as much as most open cans particularly when it comes to outside noise getting in.
I have a hard time recommending anything but IEMs for on the go listening. You can't really appreciate all the music has to offer when you're on the go so there's no point in spending the money on decent gear if that's your intent.
May 7, 2017
1. It'll leak a ton of noise. The driver is suspended in the middle, with one end facing you, and another end facing outside and only covered with mesh. So, it's really open
2. HE-350 is shrill. It's been known to be worse than a Grado, and you sure you want that on the go? If this thing fits your sound preference, go ahead but I think some people might not appreciate its sound.
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May 5, 2017
Any open back headphone will not be recommended outside they sound like mini speakers most the time. If you are looking for portable then closed is really the only way not only for sound leakage but for the protection of the headphone too.
May 5, 2017
ok. i thought so. i assumed the HE-350 could had like sami open or something. but ye im gonna look for closed.