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Which headphones

What headphone should I get my budget range is around 300 to 500

Feb 9, 2019
Jan 7, 2019
What do you have to drive them? What style do you like? What is your sound preference? Need more information...
Jan 7, 2019
Thanks really appreciate it
Jan 9, 2019
I own the Elex and Elegia, and have tested them alongside the Utopia. Personally, I enjoy the Elex the best for music, but the wider soundstage that the Elegia provides makes it really nice for some gaming, and it has very comparable sound to the Elex. The Utopia (and Clear for that matter) fall into the trap that a lot of Focal's speakers do (in my opinion) and have a tendency to be too bright for my liking. You can still get that sometimes with the Elex, but it isn't very frequent - primarily noticeable when I am listening to classical brass instruments. I highly recommend the Elex as an upgrade from the HD6XX (which were the first audiophile headphones I got). After I made the jump, I now describe the HD6XX as "lazy". They may be wonderful for country music and rock, but most of what I listen to I get significantly better detail out of my Elex. That being said, you may also want to leave your DAC on permanently for a few days and see how you think about them after that. Most DAC manufacturers suggest just leaving it on all the time to listen to so you don't have any "warm up" time to wait for until you are getting the best out of the equipment. I wasn't a huge believer in it, but I will say that with my Modi multibit, it did seem to make a difference. Leaving it on helped both the Elex and HD6XX, and even narrowed the gap a little between the two. I still prefer the Elex though.
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