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FPS PC gamer w/ Astro Mixamp

Hey all, I am a gamer that has used Astro’s for many years going back to them first hitting the scene. I’m currently using a set of Astro A40’s TR with my PC. I am looking to continue using the mix amp (at least I think so) but buy a new pair of headphones to go with it. I mainly play FPS games and occasionally listening to music. The research I have done has pointed me in the direction of the Sennheiser 6 series of headphones but wanted the opinions of this community. Thank you!

Don't discount the HD58X here on Massdrop either; I'd look at those first since it's much easier to drive than the HD 6x0 series.
Yeah I’ve looked at these as well. Once they are back on drop I might snag them, I’ve heard great things. Thanks for the response!
Locke_key, I just purchased the HD6XX headphones to upgrade from the GameZero's that I was using. I have this paired with a UDAC-3 and a Antlion Modmic4. I have a Asus Maximus Hero IV and was using the motherboard sound card for both my mic and my headphones. Once I switched to the UDAC-3 and the HD6XX, I could hear sounds "cleaner". I was able to pick where guys were coming from(PUBG, BF5 and ROE) much better. My own squad was asking how I knew where the guy was, when they couldn't hear them at all. I love the open back sound that the HD6XX produces. I want to pick up a more fitting amp for these headphones.
Hey thank you so much for the response! I’ve been looking into replacing my mixamp with something more fitting but haven’t made the decision yet. Thanks for your input. Sounds like the 6xx is a great choice they are in the running for me.