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Amping and amped source??

Hi, I have a yamaha mg10xu mixer, with an already amped output, but it doesn’t have enough power to drive 600ohm cans. Can I hook up an amp to the already amped source, or will it affect the sound, if so, how much. I don’t have much experience with ”high power” amps . If you need more details, tell me. Ty!

Jan 10, 2019
Yes, you can hook up another amp to the amped output of the source, but I don't recommend that because of some strange problems that can arise due to the way amps are designed. Reddit thread outlining the problems high source power can have on a Schiit Magni 3: If you were to buy an external amp, I recommend plugging that in on your Yamaha's un-amped outputs.
The concern here will be overdriving the input of the downstream device but I pulled up the manual for the Mg10/Mg10xu and it appears to have available line outs:
Are you using the monitor output as well as both RCA and XLR outputs? Not super familiar with mixers so I may be overlooking something but you should be able to use the TRS L/R to the left of your "phones" output to feed a headphone amp. This would be preferable to running the headphone out into another amp. Get a dual TRS to RCA L/R adapter cable and you should be set. Someone a tad more into recording/mixing may be able to confirm/deny my input.
Jan 10, 2019
ElectronicVicesBy "left of your phones", did you mean the stereo or monitor out, or does it matter? and also, do you haver any dual TRSs to RCAs to recommend. Ty
ac.1Shouldn't matter as they are both intended for downstream gear that has it's own power. If you aren't using powered monitors you could use the monitor out, TRS stereo out or potentially even the XLR out but converting a balanced signal can present pitfalls. Safest option IMO would be to get an amp with balanced inputs and go XLR stereo out to XLR input on the amp. Massdrop has a couple of offerings that come with XLR input. Another item I haven't clarified for your device is whether the phono plug outs are TRS (Single-ended) or TRRS (balanced) connection.
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