Jan 21, 2019654 views

HD58x For Gaming ?

hello guys, wanna know if HD58x good at gaming and imaging ?

and what should i get HD58X OR HD598sr ? thx

I personally wouldn't recommend the HD580/600 series of headphones if gaming is your main/sole focus. While they are great for music, I would go for the HD598SR/599 or the AKG K7XX. These are well known for solid imaging in gaming while still being great choices for music listening as well. For FPS gaming usage I prefer my HD598 SE to my HD660S when it comes to raw imaging and locating enemies, but the HD660S handily beats it out for general music listening.
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I see. Well I'd argue that the HD58X is a better all-around headphone than the HD598 SR. I personally wouldn't spend $170 on the HD598 SR when the HD58X can be acquired for $155. That said, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to spend $15 extra just for the gaming benefits.
i will think about it Thanks ! alot !!