New Feature Ideas for Discussions/Talk

I've seen quite a few good threads about suggested features for Massdrop to consider or add to their platform. Instead of making new threads for each one I figured it could be nice to just start a single thread and keep all the ideas in one place.
I'll try to update the OP with ideas as they come in.

  • The ability to "watch" and item currently listed. The main thing this would do is send a reminder email the day before the buy ends. I know many people, self included, don't immediately join every interesting buy that shows up. Prioritizing and budgeting definitely come into play, meaning I often join in the last few days if the item is still at the top of my "want list." Because I browse so many communities, I often overlook buys I was really interested in, or they end before I remember to join. An "opt in" for reminders would be great. A really cool alternative would also be allowing users to have a personalized "Watching" page with all of the products from all communities they want to keep an eye on during drops.
  • The ability for thread starters to organize the comments in different ways. Being able to sort comments by most upvoteo or in order of posting would be nice. For example, on threads like this the popular ideas could easily get voted to the top of the comments. A good alternative would be allowing threads to have their own embedded polls.
  • The ability to tag users in a discussion [added 7/1]

Jul 3, 2016
I often check Massdrop on my phone, but there's no option to sort drops by "ending soon" in mobile view. If anything, it even seems to randomize them?
Sorting by "ending soon" by default in mobile view (or as an option) would be preferable.
Jun 30, 2016
If I were designing a watch list it would be a daily/weekly list of items youre watching and how theyre doing so you can see updated costs etc
Yeah something like that would be great. Something to easily check and see all the relevant data of items currently dropping that you are interested in. I know id spend a lot more money just because Id be on top of the buys a lot better. I lose track a lot now.
Jun 30, 2016
The ability to tag users in a discussion so they receive a notification about a thread or comment they weren't otherwise actively watching.
Jun 29, 2016
Yes... some kind of watch list or wish list would be very much appreciated. Not for the purposes of another way to determine products, but for a way other than pledging at the lowest price to watch or be notified. One of the downsides to the way that MD does charges right now is that even with longer term drops, you have to pre-authorize the charge. More than once, I've forgotten to come back to a big ticket item that I didn't want to pre-authorize because it ties up funds at the time you authorize, rather than just when the drop ends. I can see why they do that, but it also gives you no way to pledge and not have the funds dedicated for the full time of the drop.
Jun 29, 2016
Yea, wanted list would be very helpful. Mass drop could also data mine it to see the types of products people like. I know voting is how that works now, but who does not like multiple vectors for gauging customer intent.
I think MD really does a good job of gauging interest in products. Any user can create a poll or add items to polls, and the community as a whole can vote on what they like.