Jun 23, 201760 views

Backpacking quilts

Just discovered these things. I think they would work pretty well in a hammock, not so sure about sleeping on the ground. What do y'all think? Drop-worthy?
Hillary Walker Howell

Massdrop has a collaboration with Enlightened Equipment to make their MD quilts. I use quilts exclusively in my hammock and ground camping. I have quilts from both UGQ and Hammock Gear. I will never go back to a sleeping bag... : )
I just recently switched to a quilt (Enlightened Equipment Enigma, 10 deg.) from a sleeping bag. I'd had a decent sleeping bag before, but the quilt is just absolutely fantastic so far. It's incredibly light, packs incredibly compactly, and is very, very warm. I use it with an (old) NeoAir sleeping pad (that has a hole I can't find & deflates completely overnight, so I wake up on the ground).
Inflate the pad and place in a bath full of water -- look for bubbles.