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2 channel stereo

Anyone think massdrop should expand their audiophile community/drops with more 2 Channel stereo gear (turntables/speakers floor and bookshelf/power amps/preamps/accessories)? Or does it not make sense for them...

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I checked MD today to see if they had any integrated stereo amplifiers and all I found was this post 😑
As much as that idea appeals, getting into a certain quality range in 2-channel HiFi is exponentially more expensive than in headphones. There are more components involved in building a HiFi system than there are in a headphone rig. Matching gear is more important. And it matters more how well big items like speakers go with your living space. There’s also the matter of trying before you buy. Given all the other constraints of a 2-channel setup, it really makes sense to audition gear before committing to a purchase. When it comes to headphones, I’ve been happy to read reviews and take chances on purchasing well-loved cans, but I’d never do that with 2-channel gear. There’s just too much riding on getting that right. So, no thanks. At least not unless Massdrop can convince Oppo to get the band back together and drop some disc players. ;-)
Nobody buys them. That's why it's all headphones.
Maybe because they’re not selling or collaborating on the right products. If you try to push stuff no one wants it’s not gonna sell.
Those speakers looking crazy.
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Thats another level. I wonder what they sound like
They sounded like 💰💰. they definitely sounded really good. I’m trying to remember what they sounded like exactly, but it’s been weeks now. I recall them having really full bass for their size. Imaging was on another level than I’m used to with my Klipsch Cornwall’s. Idk if the tubes amps they had set up we’re the perfect match, because tubes are usually ideal for efficient speakers like horn speakers 95db/watt vs 87db/watt for the Sabrina’s. Also in the stereophile.com review for the Sabrina it says the minimum amplification is 50watts per channel. The ampsandsound tube amps they used are 40wpc. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway they were really good but irrelevant but to me cause of the rediculous price
Yes. Especially since I'm months away from assembling a stereo system for a new space.
What kind of components are you thinking about getting?
Integrated amp, speakers, turntable, cabling, possibly a tube buffer. Gonna need it all!
2-channel stereo forever
I would sat that is a very inviting looking room, but unfortunately, I haven't received an invitation!
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They don’t discriminate/judge. I am flattered they though that I could afford $16k speakers. But they have stuff for all types of budgets.
Good to know!
Although I'm personally set on any non-vintage stereo equipment, I do think there is some room for MD to disrupt in the space. If they could find the receiver or amp equivalent of the HD650 (i.e., a top notch older model) and give it the MD treatment, I think there's a market. Stereo has been pretty static for a long time (vs. Home Theater, for instance), so a great stereo receiver with some cost cutting and design tweaks around the edges could draw some interest. Ditto with the equivalent in speakers. That said, I think the margins on audio equipment are so slim, and the costs of shipping heavy items like these are so high that it would be pretty hard for them to turn a profit on standard stuff you can find elsewhere.
Turntables are such a niche product, there's a lot of snake oil and profit margin built into it. But I don't think the volume of sales if there to justify it. I think that would apply to phono cartridges as well. You're spot on when it comes to speakers, MDF and tone woods are heavy so even if you sell them as semi DIY flat pack, shipping won't be cheap.
Tough call, I was just looking at the two boxes for my KLF-20's in the basement and thinking of the next move... modded,, mine will likely come in over 100 pounds each... small speakers and cans, can never do what they can,, nor will they ever weigh as much... I can envision MEMS speakers that could even roll-out, say six-feet-tall and mount on a wall, as a tapestry would... a wall of sound... to tell a story...