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What are some cheap On/Over Ear Bluetooth headphones you guys recommend?

Hi guys, I'm a highschool student and ive been looking for some good headphones. Unfortunately, it hasn't been easy, especially since I am a long way from being able to afford products from brands like Sennheiser or Bose and to top it off my phone's headphone jack is broken so my only option is to go the Bluetooth route. The last Bluetooth audio products I had were Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth earbuds and they only lasted about 3-ish months give or take. Since then I've steered away from Ear buds and have been looking for some In/Over The Ear headphones that are reliable, cheap/inexpensive, and most importantly sound good. So now I ask you, if you have any reccomendations?(preferably ones that I can get for $20 or less, and can plug into an audio jack just in case I wanted to use it on my pc) However, any feedback would be much appreciated :)


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