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DAC/Amp Combo (for HD6XX) for or under $350

Please suggest any DAC/Amp combo for the HD6XX for or under $350.
- companies with good QC (quality control)
- reliable customer service
- preferably all-in-one, though separate units are allowed
- preferable not a Schiit products due to noticeably poor QC and somewhat unreliable customer service deemed by some

I have the DV 336SE OTL amp and Grace SDAC, HD6XX s are ordered.
Currently using Beyerdynamic DT990 and they are still pretty bright. Once then Senns get in I'll probably get a set up tube for each pair of cans.
do NOT buy from Schiit. Their QC and customer service is Shitt. Here is my video detailing this fact.
Maybe a DarkVoice 336SE that's currently dropped for $200, but then tube rolling can get expensive fast! Alternatively a Matrix Quattro or M-Stage. If you need a DAC, an ODAC for $100 USD is probably the best DAC at this price point.
Apogee Groove is the most budget solution that is worthy of these cans imo
Apogee Groove.
Ehh At this price point, there is no such thing as value. You should examine the build and features to determine which is worth the money. They both do they same thing
If you want portable, look at the Oppo HA-2SE. Very well built, excellent sound quality, powers my HD650s easily, and the customer serivce is top notch.
For 330, the NFB 11.28 covers all your bases. I doubt you can find a bad word about them except that you have to e-mail with china to get one.
There are only a few sets of cans that it won't power, and you'll never own them.
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Thanks for clearing this one up. Has it really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like, though?
I've read a couple of reviews on many of Audio-GD's DACs and amplifiers; some (around a quarter) said that their build quality is mediocre, relative to JDS Labs and Schiit (and many mainstream DAC/amplifier manufacturers), although they provide "better" sounds than the two. Their customer service is a bit sketchy according to some.
Hmm it feels like this question gets asked at least weekly for this exact headphone. Maybe massdrop should collab with a DAC/Amp MFG for this price point.
For the OP get an O2+ODAC combo or a JDS Element
Is the JDS Labs - The Element a better value for the HD6XX than the O2+ODAC combo?