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Analog inputs in a DAC??

I haven't used an external DAC yet(listening to Google Play through my Note9 and an entry level amp), and I believe you pros that my experience will benefit from one, but how exactly does that work? I mean, with RCA inputs, how is a DAC doing the job? Yes, I'm a noob, but I don't want to be perplexed by this.
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A DAC is a Digital to Analog converter, so by definition it takes digital, not analog input. USB, Optical, coaxial and of course HDMI (more for AV) would be the typical digital input connections. There are 'DAC' units that also include an integrated amplifier, and sometimes there is an auxiliary analog input (RCA or XLR) that allows you to bypass the DAC on the device, but this is not an input to the DAC. I think however, your question is more wondering how to connect an external DAC to your Note 9? If so, USB would be the likely option between the Note and the DAC, then RCA output from the DAC to your amp.
Feb 19, 2019
You are on the right track. you asked a question about RCA inputs in a DAC. Although dac/amp combos may have this and I find this an extremely useful feature it is a misnomer as the input bypasses the dac and only uses the amp. By the way you refer to your setup as entry level, an efficient deployment of capital yes but not entry level sound
Feb 19, 2019
Steve007I appreciate the vote of confidence!
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