Feb 13, 2019


Servers, streamers, renderers... oh my!! What are they all different about? Where do they overlap? Something more. How can one hear streaming music without a computer in the simplest yet qualitative way? Thank you very much!!
gorian2222 and rastus

Are you looking for a speaker and/or a headphone setup?
Well not to confuse, further, but here you can read my take on BT, Bluetooth: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/auris-blume-bluetooth-music-receiver/talk/1808683 In short, not a fan of buying into, and paying a lot for a coded WiFi system such as sonos, don’t even like the “restaurant” sound... Go aptX using your phone, aptX HD preferably. Streaming HiFi Tidal is sooo convenient and sounds great for casual listening, headphones or speakers. Past this you go wired. What is your budget? Well written paper: http://m.marantz.co.uk/DocumentMaster/master/Marantz_DAC_White_Paper_6th_March-2018.pdf
Server - includes storage and may or may not also provide a digital or analog audio output. (Network Attached Storage, Aurender N100, Cocktail Audio etc...) Streamer - No built in storage, only receives audio streams from sources like a NAS, DLNA server, Spotify, Tidal, Internet Radio services or from a cast. Devices include premium options from Sonore, Aurender, Auralic or cheaper options from China. Simplest would be getting a Chromecast and using your phone as a source. Cheap options also include getting a Raspberry Pi and some form of storage (microSD, USB Drive, external HDD) but that may not be the easiest option unless you are familiar with those devices.
Thank you very much!  Some more questions please.  Is there any improvement in the sound by combining both, server & streamer?  (many reviewers are supporting... this)  Could we use only one kind of this gear and wich of them has best result in sound?  Thank you again!   
It depends on your needs/wants, budget and technical expertise. Bluesound offers several solutions at fairly reasonable prices (for high end wireless music sans a PC). They can rip/store/serve music files, work with existing stereos, power passive speakers or work with powered speakers. https://www.bluesound.com Personally I use a direct connection from my PC via USB to my UD501 DAC then rca to my pre-amp and xlr to my headphone amp(s). That PC has 8TB of platter space for media and I run a DLNA server. When I expand my system to include a separate HiFi from my HT I will pickup a microRendu and probably switch to a Roon Server on that same PC