Feb 16, 2019

How do I play my new X5 in my car?

I recently purchased Fiio X5 (3rd gen) and want to play it in my new car that only has USB input (no Aux cable input as the old one did). How do I do that? Thanks!

if you connect via the usb you are only using the X5 as a transport / thumb drive you will be using the cars audio dac.
I would like To find out more about the new mass drop Hi fi man collaboration the XX
If it (X5) supports usb mass storage mode you may be able to use it like a thumb drive, but it won't give you any benefit over another form of USB storage. You could also use bluetooth from the X5 to the car but that comes with bluetooth's inherent shortcomings.
you cant your car stereo wont communicate with your device due to software. I know this from my mobile electronics background.
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there is a usb audio plug below the stereo in the car I was asking about X5 settings
did you ever figure out the settings?