Converted 192kHz file shows 48kHz

I took a DSD file with a dff extension and using the free software recommended on the Naim forum made by Tascam I converted to a 192/24 wav file because they don't offer dff to flac. I then used other software to convert the wav to flac supposedly still retaining 192/24.

However when I play either the wav file or the flac file both of my DACs, a Moon 100D and a Cambridge Dacmagic show a 48 kHz file.

Does anyone have an idea why? If you convert DSD files to wav or flac what software do you use?

Unfortunately my Moon 100D and my Moon Mind 180 don't handle DSD although I can upgrade the Mind to handle them.


Feb 28, 2019
Figured it out. When I cast from my PC to my Moon it outputs at 48kHz. If I use Moon to render the file it plays and displays on both DACs as 192kHz.
makes sense, 48kHz is the native clock for Android, don't use my iPhone for music purposes but I assume similar limitation is present there