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Recommendations for best budget combo for games?

I'm a gamer, not an audiophile, but I've heard about the greatness of open-back headphones for games, and want to get a pair. I will also need a mic, though, so I'm looking for either headphones to add a V-Moda Boompro to, or some to combine with an AmazonBasics Mini Condensor Mic. My budget is preferably under $80 for both the headphones and mic. Anyone have recommendations? TL;DR: Open back headphones and separate mic for under $80?

Jaydunnsaiddit: The PC37X is Sennheiser disguising a hifi set of cans as gamers, with a mic, for a deal here on md, a sleeper. Save a bit, and you can jump.
Yeah, I've been eyeing a pair of those for a while. Might spend the extra $40, especially since having everything in one would be nice.
Honestly, of you could save/spend more, the Sennheiser PC37X would be your best bet. Otherwise, I would probably look into an IEM that has a mic cable as you'll get something better sounding for your dollar vs a budget open-back considering the cost of mic.
Yeah, the PC37X seems like the best option right now
You're not going to have many options when the Mic is eating up $30 of your budget. Because the SHP9500 isn't available for $50-60 any more, you're only real options is the Takstar 2050, which is rarely in stock. Gearbest has them for about $45 with free shipping. Or you can get the Qpad QH-85 for $80 which is the Takstar 2050 with a built in Mic.
I had been looking at the MD X AKG M220 Pro and a Mini Mic from AmazonBasics but I might just save the little bit of extra money for the PC37X