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Best IEM under $200?

looking for one that is:
  • accurate and balanced across frequency spectrum
  • good detail and imaging
  • preferring neutral/reference tonality leaning towards warm tilt as opposed to bright
  • mainly listen to 80s and 90s rock and edm/electronic
  • importantly, must be fairly small and not bulky, and no cable around the back of ear design, prefer cable down design
Any suggestions is greatly appreciated, thanks!

+1 for T2. How they sound depends on tips/tip insertion / source etc but they are a superb IEMbut the Moondrop Crescent's sound phenomenal - do not be fooled by their cheap price. For the price you can easily just buy a pair
thanks for the recommendations! what is the sound signature of the moondrop crescent like?
if you go through this thread you will find many references to how people find the crescents. they are quite tip dependant / tip positioning is important but whne you get it right - clean, warm rich smooth detailed, everything realy nice, Sorry not time to go into depth but please have a look through the thread. you can find all the answers there :)
Since you'd like them to be worn down, I'd suggest the ME P1/PX or try the Etymotic ER3SE/XR if you can get past their insertion depth. Both under budget and should meet your preferred FR.
Seconded. These are excellent recommendations.
Thanks for the recommendations! I've tried a friends pair of etymotic er3xr with the foam tips, and found them to be almost perfect sound signature, with slightly forward mids and balanced and detailed highs that aren't harsh. however i still found the bass to be significant below neutral overall and rolls off quite a bit. i found i was having to increase volume to a point where the mids become harsh to be able to hear it well. i tried the flange tips as well, which i found increased the highs a bit too much, while leaving the mids and lows the same as with foam tips. they are so close to the perfect headphone for me, i especially like how small they are
Tin T2 for $35
do they sound overly bright or rolled off in the low end?
They are def bright and lack anything in the lows. Good build quality though but weird ergonomics.