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Audiophile diy case

THX AAA 789, CTH Hybrid Amp, Cavallin and more equip have the same common case. Nice abillity for stacking them. Wonder if massdrop could sell only case for diy projects. So diy equip could stack with massdrop made equip. **If you're interested, please post some ideas for options before poll**

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that wuold be a pretty solid idea/
How much was this setup
I mostly just want a volume knob that can be turned to "11".
I think it's supposed to be one "Audiophile diy case" option and then a "No thanks" option for the poll to be valid. 
I was thinking something similar a few days ago. I've been kind of surprised that MassDrop with it's Audiophile and DIY sections has never really carried much DIY for the audio side of things. I'd love to be able to order chassis in the same style as MD and customize the crap out of em. It'd be super easy for MD to come up with basic modular DIY cases based on what has been used for existing products. Chassis and panels (both blank and pre-drilled) could be sold separately, allowing an easy mix and match. Myself having some 10+ Power AMP/Pre-AMP/HP AMP/DSP projects lined up (or in the works), I know I'd buy a fairly large number of them for personal fun. One of the hardest (and surprisingly expensive) parts of the DIY when one doesn't own a machine shop, is building or sourcing the damned chassis. If you get it fully custom built, you spend almost as much as the actual materials just in tooling changes. If you order from China, you spend as much or more than the chassis cost in shipping. If you go with one of the places like Landfall who build to order, you spend an excessive amount for that "American Quality" extrusion.
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For sure. I would sell a kidney for a couple matched JFET sets so I can finally build my MMM. I don't have the buying power to get there on my own though. You can always use a great deal on good volume control. For all of the tube amps they sell you'd think they would at least be willing to offer replacement tubes for them to help people get into tube rolling.
Funny you should mention the M³, I've got 3 of them in the works. Two in single-ended config (L/R/G), and one in full balanced (dual mono L/R, no ground). The single ended units are finished, tested, and awaiting final chassis modifications. Even having used unmatched JFET and MOSFET, they are a very sweet sweet sound when loaded with OPA604 @ 24-32vdc. Scope out nicely on my trashy Rigol too. I've spent more on the bloody chassis for the amps than I have on the parts. Custom panels are freaking expensive, and international shipping sucks. Ti at AMB does sell the matched sets for the stuff that requires it if you don't want to do the matching yourself, and he ships stupid quickly. Same day in most cases. But if IIRC, the JFETs don't need Idss matching, they just need to be within a specific range. You're pretty safe just buying the parts from Mouser (Digikey/RS/whatever), with the expectation that the JFET and MOSFET are from the same batches, and will have generally the same characteristics. I've got eight of the α24 in the works for a DIYINHK ES9016 8 channel DAC. Also something needing a chassis. One of the MD types would be freaking awesome for it.
Or, it could feature a larger rectangulat hole on the back and few modular plates with holes for various inputs - jacks, usb, power etc.
Would love to buy two of them. Follow+
My current tower. And I need case for khadad :) tube is not mine
Like a multi-LPS, including 5V for USB? Nice shop;)
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Would love one for rasperry pi + VFD screen + DAC (the khadas one for example)