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A Day In the Life

We had the absolute pleasure of having Kathy Peck (yes, that Kathy Peck from our profile piece) stop by the office to take ear impressions from some of us at the office. Everyone had a great time and we even had a few first timers! Here's a few pictures and a video of the process:
Readying the impression putty:
Placing the cotton in the ear canal:
Placing the cotton in the ear canal cont:
Cotton in place, waiting for the impression putty:
Waiting for the impressions to set:
Waiting for the impressions to set cont:
Quick ear-wash:
Injecting the impression putty:
I wanna take a moment to thank Kathy for making everyone feel at ease and coming all the way to our office to hang out for awhile. Kathy is an amazing woman who has accomplished so much. Take a moment to read her profile piece if you haven't already (https://www.massdrop.com/talk/56/music-profile-kathy-peck-the-h-e-a-r-organization). What was your experience like when you got your first impressions made? If you haven't had them made yet is there anything holding you back (besides financial reasons)?
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Very impressive stuff. Thanks for posting this.
As a wearer of (open-fit, non-custom) high-end, micro-Behind-The-Ear, Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids (aka micro-BTE RIC), it would be great to marry the amazing audio quality of IEMs, the best of hearing aids (durability, battery duration, very fine-tuned programming (gain and frequency)), and the convenience of a conductive microphone for phone calls.
These technologies exist for 2 out of the 3 but not all three yet.
I can't imagine such a device is all that far off given the technology that exists today. Alas, the creators of the individual technologies don't generally overlap, but having such a device would be awesome for those of us who have hearing loss, really enjoy good music and need to talk on the phone.
Soon, soon.
And folks such as Kathy Peck will be very busy.
Some day I'm going to get some nicer in-ear monitors. Interesting to see the process.