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SendyAudio Aiva

how do we get Massdrop to look at SendyAudio Aiva? check out z review or other. sounds super interesting
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This guy thought they were straight up great: I'd be more interested in the iems but haven't seen a review of them yet.
Yeah this is why I’m curious about the in ears. Thanks!
Aiva maybe a flash in the pan... I'm not holding out hope for staying power there... recessed mids and ringing around 2k (and maybe others) is what I read... but maybe massdrop can fix it- fill out the mids, make it a tad more laid back, and offer it for 299? Or 399? That would be great! (keeping the clarity of course).
This is a recent release, gonna have to wait a few years for that to be a possibility. It's not like pricing is determined by throwing a dart at a board. There's R&D and other costs that need recouped and they claim to have been working on this model almost since their company inception. Massdrop collabs are either an old product at the end of it's life cycle or a wholly new item designed with a certain price point in mind. Sendy doesn't really fit in either of those potential paths at this time. Don't let Z Reviews go to your head, entertaining stuff but he's not the most technically versed and often influenced by FotM items so he can keep is viewership up.
Why are transfer rates not posted? sustained, peak, etc. Is this bus powered?
Because it's a pair of headphones? All headphones are "bus powered", and the transfer rate is the speed at which electrons move through the cable.
Sorry, I thought I was posting a question about an external hard drive. Duh...