Do I need an AMP/DAC for the Sennheiser PC37x?

Hey guys, so I purchased the PC37x's awhile ago and love the sound quality, especially since this is my first pair of open back headphones. However, any audio device that I plug into my computer suffers from pretty frequent crackling and popping noises. I asked a few other places, and have been told that I might need an AMP/DAC to solve this problem. Would an AMP/DAC actually solve this problem, and if so, which one would be ideal for the PC37x? Sorry if any of this is obvious, I recently built my first pc and don't have much knowledge on headpones, amps, etc.
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Apr 2, 2019
I run my PC37x directly out of my desktop (no external Amp) and it plays plenty loud and clean for my needs/uses... I think you're either wanting to play yours SIGNIFICANTLY louder than me (which I think is unlikely), or you've got a problem, either with your PC (connector) or headset or both....
Apr 1, 2019
If you want to keep your hardware in the PC, then the Nu Audio board is perhaps the best in sq and isolation from the noise storm inside your PC, upgrade the headphone op-amp to a MUSES02. Otherwise an external DAC/amp, is a low(er) noise path.
Sounds like you've got a pretty noisy out from your PC. A DAC/Amp would most likely help but noises like that can have quite a few sources so pick something that is returnable.