A Small Keyboard With Big Aspirations

The success of the Massdrop CTRL keyboard got us thinking: what if we shrunk it down for those who prefer compact keyboards? We’ve been floating the idea for a while now—we saw all of your comments, too!—and we’re excited to announce that our first compact keyboard is in the works. We call the undertaking Project Lynx. Project Lynx didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ve gathered community responses, sales data, and samples around the office to help give us a foundation of knowledge before getting down to business. Of course, before we get started on the materials and functionality of the keyboard, we need to choose a layout. We haven’t nailed down the exact layout, but we know we want to make a 65% keyboard. Why? The 65% layout has become noticeably popular in recent years, not just on our site, but in the greater mech keys community. In comparison to the 60% layout (perhaps the most popular of all), the 65% has an arrow cluster, which can be a make-or-break factor for many. Despite this addition, it still maintains a super-compact form factor to save room for things like a mouse, laptop, headphones, and more. As this project unfolds, we want your input along the way. Be sure to check back in to see how our first compact keyboard takes shape!


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