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Massdrop is now Drop

Hi everyone, Today marks a really exciting and important day for all of us as I’m thrilled to announce that Massdrop is changing to Drop! This new brand reflects how we’ve evolved since our beginnings in 2012, from group-buying site, to commerce platform and now, a product company made possible by your deep commitment to passions. As we enter this new chapter, I want to step back and thank all of you for everything you have done to help us get here. You have been core to who we are and that, of course, continues to be the case as we journey on as Drop. Why Drop? The name Massdrop originated when we were just a group-buying site, but we are so much more than that now -- and you are anything but “mass.” We wanted a name that was a nod to our roots, strong, but also gave us room to have fun and grow, because what we’re collectively doing is truly amazing. But Drop is more than just a name change. At its heart, this rebrand also helps us to better deliver on our mission to transform people’s curiosities into passions. Moving forward, there will be a whole new look and feel to our brand. This will be across the site, our products, our packaging, experiences, and more. On Drop.com, you can now explore, connect, shop, and engage in the product development process in more meaningful and better ways. On our products, you will start to see our new Drop branding being featured, which adds to the overall aesthetic (which admittedly hasn’t always been the case in the past). We also have a new Drop app for iPhone and Android phones, which is the first step toward a dedicated mobile app. Now, I’m sure you’re curious about how Drop will impact your personal experience with us. Know that we’ve worked very hard to make every transition as seamless as possible. Some quick answers to questions you may be asking yourself: ●      Massdrop.com now directs to Drop.com ●      Your information remains safe and secure ●      Communities can now be found under “Interests” ●      Our new social channels are @Drop Today is only day one of our plan. Keep a close eye on the site over the next few months as you’ll continue to see exciting developments from us. As always, we appreciate all your input and feedback. Thanks for being a part of Drop. Steve
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It seems you just changed your name so you can charge more everything is higher now guess im done with this site.
How's the transformation coming? Seems generally poorly received based on the comments. I find myself steering clear even though I was a staunch advocate for Massdrop right up until this change made it clear that the lack of concern for the communities/customers many had been complaining about for a while was entrenched and the path forward for the company. I'm just curious how the traffic is now compared to when Massdrop was still alive.
The new name almost makes me cringe when I see it in my inbox. Bring back good ol MASSDROP. We’ll see if the rebrand holds up.
I'm a little late to the party but I think this rebrand and the move away from group buying is a bad idea. Could we please just go back to the good old "Massdrop" where I committed to buy something if we hit a certain number of people, it gave us a certain price based on meeting that number of buyers by the deadline? Thanks, Sharks
You're going to need to spend a ton of money on SEO now... I legitimately couldn't get it to show up on Google (besides using "Massdrop"). Why couldn't you expand into these new areas with the same name? There's tons of companies that have names completely unrelated to their market. Amazon, Target, Walmart, the list goes on and on. The one thing that each of these retailers does have is consistency. They have kept their name the same for the majority of their existence. Yeah some of them have changed but they usually changed to a more unique and recognizable name, not the other way around.
Pretty depressing that Massdrop killed itself off to become something I didn't want. I hate the new name, the new logo, the new UI, the fact that group buying is no longer the prime focus (it seems that way to me), and the fact that "Drop" did all of this without asking what its community wanted the most. I can look past this mistake if you change back now and write this off as a bad business decision, but if this is what you've decided to become without reverting, it's time we say goodbye to each other. You were something really cool before, you had a unique name, a unique look, a unique innovative UI, a really awesome spark that will be missed. You've decided to throw all of that away. That's really sad. Goodbye Massdrop.
When you make new batches of products, that were previously Massdrop x *insert name*, will you be changing their previous aesthetic to this new 'drop' branding?
Sue DropBox when? You copied Wish; didn't you?
I don't really like the new look and feel of the website.
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Please do so. My friend ordered a 6XX delivered to Spain, and it ended up costing more than buying a 650 locally, with local warranty and everything.
On top of all the things we're working on, a permanent solution for getting products to people in the EU (and beyond) is close to the top of our list. 🙏 We know the pain..
Imagine having spent time on this design.
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Thanks for the reply mate, I'm not sure i have the skillset to do this yet. It's really special. Highlights your admin status beautifully. Rock on MassDrop! I mean Drop!
No problem. And thanks! 🙏🙌
So, will Drop finally come to EU as well? Or that is too much to ask? :D
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Thanks for the reply mate, have other account, bought headphones, keycap, wallet etc from here, but extra tax is a bit over the top :/ So kind of dropped using the (mass)drop....really hope EU Drop will go permanent :)
No problem at all, my friend. Hang in there. We do too.
As always, we appreciate all your input and feedback. Do you? Even though people don't seem to like it much.
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Thanks for the reply, I didn't expect that at all. Well done! Specific feedback? Only one. You know who your members are that are not based in the USA. We're not interested in "Free shipping in usa" we're much more interested in seeing what shipping to europe (or asia or wherever) would cost us approximately. General feedback.. I just don't like the new brand. Massdrop felt like it was an initiative started by some friends that got out of hand, it felt organic. Drop feels... artificial. Like it's been carefully constructed by an expensive marketing agency to appeal to the tech savvy 25-35 demographic. Starting from the name "drop" via the logo to the changes in style on the site. It's very hard to find something likeable about the rebranding.
No worries, my friend. You're not the first person to mention that (this week even!) so I'm going to escalate that request even further. Totally get what you mean. The new brand. ... I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit difficult for me. Not because the new logo isn't cool, the site redesign, I mean, we'll continue making improvements and changes so I'm not too worried there, but it really comes down to the people. Like yourself, even. I think you have as good an understanding as I do as per where the company has come from and what's made it great up until now. Even despite "change is hard" hasn't made me feel better about potentially making the people that have gotten us here feel like we're leaving them behind. Last week hit me like an absolute truck when all the feedback came pouring in. And now that we're moreso on the other side, I'm gonna do my best (we're going to do our best) to prove that despite we're changing and growing up (because... we have to at some point, one way or the other) won't mean we're starting from scratch. That was a lot, sorry haha, but I hope that helps.
Holy hell people, if you ever wanted an example of how to screw up your "brand", piss off your customer base and make people leaves in droves, well here you have it. You all have obviously fallen victim to some marketing BS, some morons were selling you a "drop" and you just went all in on this turd huh? Maybe before re-branding, morphing into just another generic retailer giving up what people come here for in the first place, and trying to be something no one wanted you to be, try maybe, i don't know, actually getting the little stuff right. Like lets say, actually getting people the products they want, in a half way timely manner. For example, lets use the THX AAA 789 Amp, 16322 people want this thing, i have been waiting for months, as have quite a few others. Now on the site it says next ship date is in August, go ahead and preorder and we'll reserve your spot, with no means of actually doing that. Really guys? Sigh, whatever. You all had a hit on your hands, all you had to do was actually perfect the formula and get the ship into some smoother sailing waters(timelier shipping, timelier product arrival etc), instead you hoisted the enemies flag and started sailing right into the fucking hurricane(stupid name change, poor design, nonsensical changes all around). See you all on Amazon. =(
Spot-on. I wanted a THX789 as well. Instead, MassDrop can’t get that drop right (where is my “pre-order button?) Instead, I’m very happy with my Monoprice Monolith 788 that also includes a killer DAC (Dual AKM4493) as well as shelf and parametric EQ. I’ve bought a couple watches, but often Amazon or other vendors have better prices than MassDrop. In fact on many items, Massdrop’s pricing isn’t better - and you have to wait for a drop and a future ship-date. There are some hit products (MassDrop exclusive headphones, for example) but also some big fails (DarkVoice 336SE amp that died in less than 3 months with ZERO support from MassDrop to repair or exchange). I’m many cases, it’s better to but from a better vendor who offers after sales support, no wait, and no buying hassle like the THX789 hassle.
If it's not broke... don't fix it. For the past 6 months you guys continue to make changes to the site, prices, emails, etc that have not been an improvement. I used to visit the site on a regular basis and was pretty regular purchaser but the site is a headache to navigate and the prices are honestly not much better than other places that have more reliable shipping, better customer service, and a return policy. In the words of Ron Swanson, "Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing." In other words, go back to what made you successful in the first place or just become another retailer (and eventually shut your doors). This straddling of retailer and group buy site is not gonna work guys.
Wish you the best of luck but I have to say that from both a general business and a marketing standpoint, this seems like a giant misstep. Other companies have done similar at their later peril and although that sometimes has been near the end of a downhill slide, that hasn't always been the case. Within your own marketing/exec meetings I can understand the excitement and forward-looking energy but in all honesty (and in my humble opinion) I think you guys need to stop in your tracks and back way way up. Focus on the basics of a legitimate business and get yourselves up to speed. Now that you have essentially become a more normal etailer with the offshoot of collaborative manufacturing, you need to embrace the norms of a retailing business and revamp your policies and structures. Work it out so that there are no exceptions when it comes to a return policy (30-day or otherwise) and get on board with warranty support in one way or another (strongly encourage the inclusion of a minimal warranty from the manufacturer if they don't provide one, for instance, but at least close the gaps for those products that offer an ostensible but unobtainable warranty service through the manufacturer and essentially leave customers in the dust when a problem arises and you also won't take care of it - too many of those to count here over the last many years. This is why people choose Amazon over Massdrop more often than not - fact.) Whatever they are, all of your typical policies need to be clear and easily accessible with direct links. As it is now the website is an effing mess and many things are so buried that they can't be found without repeated clicks, wading through links. Hire a new web designer, seriously, this is horrible on many levels just by itself. Without all of this business-basic stuff, you are placing yourselves on a precarious edge and since the platform has lost its more attractive aspects over the last two years, frankly you need to step it up. In the various circles of interest I'm involved with, opinion of Massdrop has faltered tremendously for awhile now but especially over the last less-than-a-year. Changing your name isn't going to solve the bigger problems - addressing some of these other basics will help but you need to offer something attractive to people where you often cannot otherwise highly compete with pricing, returns/warranty, shipping time and shipping costs, etc. - and that would also include basic customer service & communication (you don't even have a phone line...). Dozens of people are giving you valid feedback - consider listening to it and taking a big step back to review your attitudes and practices. Sorry to sound like a huge complainer here, that is not my intent. Rather I'd like to see Massdrop stay somewhat the same as it was, which is the only thing that brought you to where you are now, and I think most of these changes have nearly killed what was attractive about the platform.
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your comments are a pathetic attempt to make yourself feel superior..must be lonley in that basement.
no, you. lonely.
This is a terrible idea
The form-over-functionality format is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
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Hey, it's you, the grammar nazi of MD I've heard so much about !
Wrong, grammar is a barbarism of ghrammatics, another word for composition, whereas I correct diction and am not nationalist or socialist.
Even your own emails don't want to admit you've made this ridiculous name change:
(By the by, I'm a freelance editor who has capacity for a new client, so feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in some help ensuring this sort of thing doesn't happen. I promise not to keep making fun of the new name in the group Slack chats.)
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Based on comments elsewhere, it seems like the Massdrop-made stuff will still be Massdrop- (versus Drop-)branded, as well? As though this couldn't turn into more of a CF.
Yep, Massdrop made products that were produced before the company branding change will continue to be Massdrop made and have the old branding
Pretty disappointed to be honest, feels like the end of an era. There's been a pretty continual slide in terms of the value of massdrop over the last few years. It's it's gone from that weird kid at recess who was able to smuggle in rare and hard to find candies from the candy store near his grandparents to a beardless huckberry. This feels like an incredibly pretentious move, combined with the shear number of issues that MD has already had with what feels like every drop (not necessarily issues I've personally, but at a community wide level). It's shifted from the group buy that we all came to it and loved it for, into collaborations and semi-custom products in an attempt to fill niches that may or may not exist. But honestly? The group buy is why I come, not for the WE or FF knives. I'm continually disappointed when either random, unwanted shit is launched and inevitably fails with 10 or 20 sales, or another custom collab is launched meanwhile the prices on the actual group buys continue to creep further and further up. This used to be a site where you could source a solid deal on a product that you could boast about to friends and family. Now? I can go to amazon for lower prices, and we're not even talking about stuff being on sale, just the regular price. The influx of communities is ridiculous. I was cautiously optimistic when they forced the baking/cooking change. That was before they just cross posted stuff from cooking into baking 80% of the time to make it feel like they had enough deals to warrant a second category to draw people in. Spoiler, they don't. It's a wasted category and these categories will be the same. The new layout is flat out dunce cap donning. I don't want to click on home and garden then sort through 20 sub categories to find the one relevant item. Infinite subcategories come with infinite responsibility or they take infinite time from the consumers and I'm not willing to deal with it. It's complicated, ugly and slow. The best layout MD has had so far was two UIs ago, the version they used for multiple years. As for the 'Drop' branding. I've already covered how pretentious and unwarranted the change is, but what's the source, trying to name yourselves after drop shipping, aka cheap chinese products branded and sold like what's pushed on amazon? Doesn't really bring quality to mind. Really disappointed with this change, but I guess legends more often die with a whimper in their beds then in a blaze of glory.
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Thank you Duncan! That removed comment from @alysdexia left me rather befuddled until I checked her posting history and saw a distinct history of similar posts. Appreciate you helping to keep the discussions on topic!
I try. And I'm also noting the points you made as well. I know what you mean by the end of an era.. I hope in the end it feels more like a chapter than anything. We're still the same people, we're just going through puberty a bit lol. The communities, the layout, the products, all of this we plan to keep improving but above all else I know it's going to feel alienating to those who have been with us for a while. That's why a big part of what I'm up to now, now that we're on the other side of the rebrand, is making sure we're being as present as possible to hear everyone out and to continue making changes in a direction that incorporates all your feedback. I made a post on Friday about the 'Interests' tab in general. Be sure to check that out and let me know what you think.
No opinion on the name change. But I hope the website UI/UX gets cleaned up soon. I've never seen a site this awkward where I have to stumble through multiple unintuitive links and oversized graphics to find what I'm looking for.
I'm a Product Designer at Drop and am working on improvements to the website based on customer feedback. I'd love to ask you some questions to make our UX the best possible. I'll send over an email with more details.
Sure. Happy to help
Yup. Due to both the flippant attitude towards previous customers, the inane and rather foolish decision to make a name change, and the distinctly terrible site design, I'm very close to being done as a customer.
Can’t say I like the new name. Drop is such a vague word. Also miss the old website layout but that’s long gone now.
Indeed, it's a massive change, but we won't be stopping here. We're taking note of all the feedback and will continue to make things better now that we're on the other side of the overall restructuring. 🙏
That's just it, you won't be stopping here. The community has been very clear that they want you to not just stop, but go back to what used to make this great. It's just really disappointing to see this turn into something completely different while providing less and less to the customer.
Hi, yea, can you please change your name back to Massdrop? "Drop" is such a poorly thought-out name change, so bland, boring, unrelated to what you guys do, and also the logo is crap. I'm about to "drop" out of your mailing list.
Another thing. Google results for Massdrop: About 2,700,000 results (0.31 seconds) Google results for Drop: About 3,380,000,000 results (0.34 seconds) Really guys?
Lucky for me, the Colab brand name marked on my SN000001 Jubilee headphones is and always will be, MASSDROP. Come on guys. Drop? It's such an unlucky name that implies a lot is going to drop for you guys. Start your job search....maybe?
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Thanks for the response Steve I guess I'm still a bit confused then, as fewer and fewer items I look at are actually listed lower than average retail pricing lately....and many can be found cheaper elsewhere with 2-5 day shipping. Nor am I seeing the value in the blade collaborations lately....the pricing model there (as detailed above), is a jumbled mess....like people are throwing darts at a price list Guess I'll continue watching for what might be worth joining...but my activity is definitely waning around here lately
Thanks for replying Steve (wow the CEO replied to my post and i just read it a week later, sorry) I understand your standpoint for the name change. Not staying stagnant and "swimming in the old pond" is a good thing. However I'm just a little sad seeing the Massdrop namesake go. It has been a great time shopping here. The community is always very helpful and strong. Let's just see how it goes. But lemme just state that there's no shame in going back to being MassDrop in the future. Cheers.
I actually like the "Massdrop" branding on my TR-X00 Ebony's! As someone who was considering getting the Focal Elex in the near future, I'm not sure about it now, there's nothing unique about having the word "Drop" printed on a $700 pair of headphones.
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Are you talking about the new wireless NuForce? That's a Drop product because it debuted when the company name changed. Products that were released when Drop was Massdrop, those products will still be Massdrop
Yeah, I understand now, thanks for the clarification. I figured all of the headphones and IEM's on Massdrop were going to be rebranded when stock ran out, but it's good to know they will retain the original Massdrop branding.
...and about the new logo, did you really have to cut a corner out of it? The symbolism...
Well, I guess it could be worse. Instead of dropping the 'Mass', they could have dropped the 'M' only.
nice try
I laughed so hard at the last sentence.
Gotta say, really dislike the new site design. So far it's asked me to put drop on my homescreen every time I load a new page. Also irritated with the new way you're doing things because I stopped receiving email about new drops in my interests. At least you haven't stopped group sale items (yet). Overall I'm certainly discouraged by your changes and have doubts about how often I'll buy anything on a site with varying content and no emailed ads. I'll be certain to check back in 6 months or so to see how badly it's going.
And now I'm cackling because you sent me an email ad today from Massdrop! What, did you officially change your name before you bothered to finish making your new email template? Amateur hour.
The phrase drop is so vague and uninspired I can only imagine someone out of ideas saying to the board "How bout.... we remove the mass" And everyone also out of ideas shaking their heads in reluctant agreement. The font is so generic and unremarkable I can't really feel good about buying items with the branding. Like now, if you have IEMs that have the word "drop" on them I swear people are gonna fucking drop their friends shit for lulz and it's going to be annoying as fuck to use any item publicly as lookyloos come out of the woodwork to say: "HUH?" "What is...drop?" "What is that??" "What is that??" And you'll sit there, unable to move from his large assuming frame. You'll try to make some oversimplified explanation of what you have purchased but ALWAYS it ALWAYS ends up with "HUH?" "What is that????" "Is that a paperweight??" I, and I hope everyone in the community, will continue to call DROP massdrop.
  1. Because I personally despise the name
  2. Because people who knew massdrop or people who have never heard of massdrop will probably have no idea what I'm referring to if I just say DROP and will further add to the confusion of my explanation of what MASSdrop actually is.
You better not fucking touch the branding on the 6XX I swear to shit I'll bust down your office and say some really mean and discouraging things to you guys.
6XX's aren't changing. The current products we have that are Massdrop Made will stay that way.