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Discussion has died

This new UI buries the discussion section, making it overly difficult to find and destroying the community conversation. Just one more way that this redesign has destroyed the usability of the site.
Senpai-sama, BetaWar, and 10 others

I end up clicking on the bell, to get back into discussions from my iphone, the ui is so poor there... guessing the same snafu for the droids?

I literally can't find the discussions anymore
I completely agree. I came for the 6XX a couple years ago, but I stayed around because there were interesting discussions and knowledgeable people. Oddly, I found things to buy in the process. Hard to imagine having that experience with this design, and I think it's ultimately going to harm sales. It feels like a consultant got ahold of somebody and convinced them to spend gobs of money on a new brand. Whatever the reason, what was delivered was a less usable site, a less distinctive brand, and a less accessible community. Bummer.
If consultants get a hold of things, then forget about it, they'll ruin the business / site entirely. They should rather spend the time empowering their people with ideas internally.
Hey there. Completely get what you're saying. As someone who spends a lot of time in the discussions, I can assure you this is something we're planning on adjusting. The site redesign was a lot of changes at once which isn't something we normally do, and now, as we usually do, we're going to keep finessing to make the site better, discussions and all. This won't be the final version and discussions aren't going away. And as always, thanks for the feedback.
My biggest suggestions are to add a link in the top level menu, and return to calling it "discussion(s)" or "community" rather than "Questions". Thanks for the response.
Noted and completely agreed.
Agree completely. Real shame too, this site has a great community of enthusiasts.
Speaking of Discussion, I recently picked up a pair of 2018 LCD-2 Vegan's, and a pair of Elex. I didn't expect the Elex to be so mid forward by comparison.
Nice - congrats! Looking at the focal measurements I could def see the mid pressence comparable to say Sennheiser (but with better bass extension), it would certainly be a contrast to the LCD.
I agree. I imagine if MD is tracking it, they're aware of it too. I've been wondering lately if that wasn't actually part of the plan. I suppose they consider storing discussions in the cloud a cost of doing business-- one they intend to control/manipulate.