May 23, 2019

I am looking to record stereo audio.

Am I limited to devices like the Zoom F1 and Tascam PCM/field recorders?

Looking for something portable. Will not be used with video. I'm essentially hooking up to a 4 channel mixer recording jam sessions at various locations. I would like the ability to record in either mp3 or a lossless format. Playback from the device can be optional. Sound quality, portability and not requiring a wall plug are key. I was really hoping that a small "hi-def" device like I find on here would also be able to record line audio. That's why I mentioned the F1 and other PCM recorders.
No. There are literally dozens of options on amazon alone. But you've not given a use case, or other equipment that you may already own. Are you just recording audio, are you using this in conjunction with video, what's your budget?
I have a Korg MR-2000S that is slated for both vinyl recording and as a no-usb player.