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Need a pair of IEM for casual use

I need a reccomendation for a reasonably priced pair of iems for use while I'm on the subway to work. I will only be using then with my phone, as I have a seperate listening station at home to enjoy my music on. I'm also open to the idea of Bluetooth sets, I did have a pair of Bose QC 25 a few years ago and they were alright for what they were. I figure that I could get a much better sound if I used the money I spent on those Bose's on a decent pair of iem, however.

Sep 26, 2017
I had the Sure SE215s and disliked them enough to give them away- they were bassy and bloated. I tried them with both the foam and rubber tips.
I tried using the Ety-Kids IEMs despite the funny name, and they sound absolutely fine, with really excellent noise isolation for subway use. They are also only about $40. So with the combination of Etymotic and $40, a very low risk thing to try out.
Sep 18, 2017
HIFIman re400i, inexpensive, very neutral. if you are like good quality and not overpowering bass. pair it with sony hybrid tips or any cheap copy of them. does work well with mobile phones but scales very well with an amp. some other options, (the ones i own atleast.) fiio x1 2nd gen ( very good bass and treble but the fit and weight of them can be a problem for some people ) audio technica e40 ( fit can be a problem and emphasis on bass ) audio technica im70 (excellent if you can find them, sound better with amps ) meze 11 neo ( boring sound ) vsonic GR07 BE ( where's the bass at ? ) KZ ZS5 ( excellent value for money, the sound stage and imaging is unreal. they are huge )
overall i believe HIFIman re400i will be a good option worth considering for you because you will be using them on the go and will not be using any amps, they are very lightweight and easy to power. due to their small size they isolate better.
Sep 18, 2017
Shure se215, blocks out the noise , sounds great, doesn't cost too much. You can get even better results if you pair it was a dac/amp.
Sep 25, 2017
You can get it with or without mic. I got the clear ones, they look unique. SE215s are the best iems ive used at that price.
Sep 25, 2017
gasmaskdudeThe SE215 are a great IEM for the price. A little base heavy. I have used them for years and they block nearly all outside sounds. The low profile and wrap around cord are comfortable enough to sleep on a plane while wearing. I would recommend that you look at 3rd ebay parties for a replacement cord for a mic or bluetooth. If I was to spend more than a Benjamin--I would start looking at some entry level custom IEM.
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