Jun 20, 201962 views

What is a good dac?

My buget is 50$ for my phone and laptop.

$50 is really low. I'd recommend that you spend a bit more and buy a decent dac/amp. I'd recommend that you go for the FiiO Q1 Mk II. Its available on Amazon.com for as low as $80 (if you don't mind buying a refurbished model). I'd avoid these other thumb drive dac / amps. I have a Q1 myslef and I'm very happy with it as it has great sound quality, power USB input, built in battery (for portable and mobile phone use), volume control, support for high res formats (PCM and DSD) and single ended and balanced output. It can drive my IEMs, and Sennheiser HD 598 and HD 6XX (best via balanced output). https://www.fiio.com/q1mkii


As far as I know (and there's a lot I don't know), you're in no-man's land with that budget. If you step up to $100, the audioquest dragonfly gets rave reviews... FYI and TIFWIW...