Product Personalization? (Audiophile)

Hey everybody, We want to ask a simple question…
Do you care about personalizing the products you’re most passionate about?
This could include your name or initials, or even just serialized numbers to make it truly one of a kind and made especially for you. In the Audiophile Community, this would mainly mean your headphones (as we’ve done this kind of thing in the past), but could also mean other products too. If there’s enough interest here, we can take this to the next step. We’ll also pose this exact question to other communities as well if we believe this is something the community truly desires.
We’re listening closely so let us know in the comments below.


Dec 14, 2020
I prefer something that looks good from the manufacturer to something I feel I need to alter...
Color wrap options for certain components would be something I would probably pay 20-30 USD extra for. That said, if the cost is tacked onto a product which pushes it over its price-performance value, then I will opt for the better sounding product that looks the same as every other one.
Oct 15, 2020
I actually do care about it to the extent that it doesn't strain the importance put on sound quality. I'll prefer a better sounding headphone, but if it can match the sound, and be also pleasing aesthetically and as a product, without too much of a price hike, I feel I'd prefer the other, boutique-er option. Otherwise, getting ripped off for boutique (although I do like the aesthetic and authenticity) is not something I appreciate. In other words the work put in must reflect to the price, aesthetic, product and sound equally, although sound is the "make and break" so to speak.
Oct 2, 2020
Not at all. It costs and dosn't improve sound. I een find thisa very ridiculous idea
Sep 6, 2020
Make it optional like Apple does with their products. If you don’t want it, no harm done. Different color accessories that don’t modify the main component might be cool, like earpads, tips, cables, etc.
May 17, 2020
I may be in the minority here but I could care less about that. I have a dream that one day the audio manufactures will discover there are more than blue LED's available. Imagine a World with Red , Green or even Amber LED's ! . At one point in time you knew what brand of gear from a glance at several feet away, they all had their own look. Now it's a endless sea of oh so bright blue tackiness. I want to listen to it not land a 747 on it.
Jun 15, 2020
A nice, sedate amber LED would be fantastic.
Aug 5, 2020
I like this, I like this very much.
May 9, 2020
You're always going to have the group of consumers who buy equipment to try and then resale because they moved on to something they like better. Those users really, need not comment, here. A "nay" doesn't seem constructive, here as the question truly, facilitates asking those who DO want customization, what sort of options they would like to see. And it makes sense, when you consider the ridiculous things Bentley and Rolls Royce owners spend money on to customize they're vehicles. I would humor custom paint jobs or options such as leather-clad cups or other textiles. Hey, people custom paint their shoes, these days.
Jul 22, 2020
Being in a sorta-yes camp myself, I still feel that a ratio between yes and no is also important for Drop. They have to make sure that a certain portion of their customers are willing to buy whatever they want to come up with.
Apr 3, 2020
I don't care at all for names or anything but engraving an image on something like an IEM would be cool. Not too much into headphones and the like as I think it's too much. Something similar to engraving option on JDS lab's elements 2 would be cool.
Apr 1, 2020
I ain't Diresta to put my name of my stuff. That said - I do like to give a customer paint-job to my gear :)
Mar 31, 2020
Not at all. Don't even like the big serial numbers now. Adding your name would hurt any resale, and it can make our already 'eye catching' hobby a bit too gaudy. I would never choose a personalization option.
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