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58x vs he4xx vs 6xx

Hi I would love to get a recommendation for headphones to use with Fiio e10k dac+amp I'd want them to have all of the good qualities for competitive gaming (positioning steps and soundstage?) in music I love to get high resolution into electric guitars and other string instruments(mid range?), also drums are very important and good vocals could also be great if possible you could rate the headphones to the categories: 1.gaming and 2.music (of my taste) I hear: scale the summit, animals as leaders, haken, dream theater thanks in advance!
Fadidi and LuckyLuke575

Hi Fadidzi, First off, none of the headphones are particularly good for Gaming or strong in the ways you mentioned. Best: Speakers If you want a natural soundstage, the natural set of reflections off the ear and head would make a pair of nearfield speakers far superior to any headphones for accuracy of stereo reproduction. (Footsteps will be placed more realistically around you as you described. Same for instruments in music. More special realism) Best Headphone: AKG K7XX This depends on many factors, so im not going to tell you this is the final word. But if you still want open back headphones then these have much better soundstage width. Width is just one quality. HD6XX could have better depth, more precise imaging, height or separation. There are also those qualities to consider. Then, the 58X come so close in terms of resoltion that its probably not worth the extra money, and they offer a possibly preferable frequency response. Bear in mind, both sennheisers sound far more narrow and closed in than the 7XX. Don't: he4XX Dynamic drivers are superior in general for imaging and stage. I cant say ive heard the 4XX though. So it could break the rule. Lastly, I refuse to rank according to your music tastes, since you have never heard music. Once you get a good pair of headphones or speakers your tastes will completely change because for the first time you will be able to hear your music. Also, dont expect to be able to use your headphones or speakers without a proper source, DAC, and amplification. It takes work to put together a good system, but its so worth it. Best of luck on your audio adventure! God bless
thank you so much ! i love learning about the properties headphones can have also, do you think fiio e10k can drive the 58x/k7xx? thanks alot!
Yes it definitely can! However, there is always something better out there hahaha. The HD650 or 6XX in particular scales very very well and likes modification. In fact, its many audiophiles favourite headphone. Dont be surprised to ses it used with thousands of dollars of equipment!
i have used the he4xx, k7xx and hd58x. He4xx great for music. Ok for gaming. These don’t have big soundstage and don’t have the bass rumble if you like explosions. The Bass is planar magnetic is tigh ( quality vs quantity) My favorite for music. 58x great for music and gaming. Small soundstage of the 3. Good imaging. For single player these are great, they have more bass than the others, I really like these in horror games. They have great imaging for competitive gaming, but sometimes I found the bass to cover some tiny sound and some footstep. k7xx great for music and gaming. I prefer these for gaming. They have a wide soundstage and the imaging is good. Sounds feels distant, letting you pin point the depth of the target. They are also great for music. I haven’t try the hd6xx. But people prefer them for music than for gaming. Small soundstage. For my personal taste and preferences: Gaming: K7xx > hd58x > he4xx music: he4xx > k7xx >hd58x I like how planar sounds. Feels effortless and don’t fatigue me as much as dynamic. Some may ask why k7xx before hd58x on music. And that’s a difficult choice. When I put the hd58x music just shine and is beautiful! I love them! The problem. They fatigue me after 30min. Mids are to forward and bass sometimes feels like to much. K7xx are more neutral and relaxed. So it’s just personal preference again.
Amazing, what if by gaming it’s just hearing the footsteps (high freqs, right?) who is the best ?
i think you should look for the audio technica ad500x,700x,1000x line up. I havent try those. People say they have the best imaging ( pinpointing target) and also call them bass anemic ( no explosion rumble, just footsteps and audio cues). Perfect for competitive gaming.
i will have to go for 58x for gaming.
For just headphones, the HD58X Jubilee's are a great studio headphone, or just straight up audiophile headphones. They have a very clean, natural sound, and they're at a pretty good price