Looking at ergonomic keyboards + some stuff

This is mostly going to be a collection of drops and other references that are related to my search, but I'd be more than happy to hear some commentary/suggestions if anybody else wants to chime in.
Keyboard features I like, in rough order of priority but I think I don't want to compromise very much. Split isn't strictly necessary but does allow for tenting and negative tilt with a custom stand. I'm currently using a Microsoft Sculpt at work and a Das with MX Blues at home, and would like something better than the best parts of both of these two.
  • Tenting
  • Negative tilt (down away from you rather than up and away)
  • Ortholinear/Column staggered/Symmetrical(Katana60) key layouts
  • Multiple thumb keys
  • 60% size ish. It's possible that I could switch to a 40% but I'm not sure
  • Programmable w/ layers, and modifiers that don't need to be held
Here are the keyboards I've looked at that seem close.
I'd be up for building a custom stand in order to achieve negative tilt and tenting from other split keyboards, such as these.
  • Esrille NISSE, but making a custom stand for this might be harder
  • The nyquist is also nice but I think I'd like a few more keys under the thumbs.
  • Raise looks okay, but no ortholinear/column offset layout.
These reviews have been helpful.
I'm interested in wood keyboards and caps, and also maybe some metal.
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Oct 4, 2017
The Iris looks like a very solid fit for me, I guess I might be building a board from scratch after all.