Oct 3, 20171301 views

AMP for Dynaudio Emit M20

Hellooo, not sure what AMP should I get to driver them. I'll have 2 of them with subwoofer. Budget is around 400-500$.

@Jyfitsu, just curious what amp did you end up going with?? I'm in a similar situation.
Get Electrocompaniet!
Where are the distributors here? Haven't heard of this Norwegian company before. Are they known for their power amps??
I would not buy them new, as they cost a lot of money. You should look for a used unit, and it will give pleasure to your ears for years to come. The most relevant models for you are the ECI-1 (integrated), ECI-2 (integrated), EC 4.5 and AW60FTT(pre and power) or EC 4.6 and AW60FTT (pre and power). All of these should drive your speakers with an unrivaled authority. EC's advantages is technical, as all of they will grant tons of power down to 0.5 Ω (most of them go much lower). They are very well known for their CD-players and power amplifiers. Just read the reviews. I have many products from this company, even the smallest integrated amplifier, and it is doing a remarkable job at driving any speakers I couple them with. I have never sold any of my EC-products, and I never will. Just hope you consider the alternative.