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<$50 IEM Suggestions

Looking for IEM suggestions under $50. Would prefer something with an inline remote(compatible with android), somewhat small footprint, and some emphasis on bass without being dark(e.g. notification sounds seeming at a different frequency). I've owned the Visang R03's(same as Brainwavz m2), which are great, but I was never a huge fan of the dark sound it puts out. Also I currently mainly listen to electronic music, so I imagine the "fun" frequency curve would be likely. Edit: Realized I should add I own MDxHifiman Bolts, so I'm really looking at stuff much closer to that $50 mark maybe a bit over if it's often on sale for $50 or less.

Aug 15, 2019
KZ ATE HiFi - they cost next to nothing but can deliver decent accuracy, tonal balance and instrument seperation, unbeatable for that price and stands well against many chi-fi IEMs up to 50$. Give them a try, if you won't like them not much will be lost moneywise.
Aug 16, 2019
random_citizenI guess I forgot to add I do own the MDxHifiman Bolts, so a part of this is looking for a bit more of an upgrade. Of course I can't compare the two's audio without owning both...but I would assume there isn't a big difference in audio quality, especially considering both at such a price point have to cut corners somewhere.
Aug 12, 2019
What you might like: TRN V80. About $30 on sale, $45 when not. 2BA plus 2 dynamic drivers. The version with a mic has an Android-compatible button. Reasonably small, smoothly curved, 32 grams including detachable cord. Feels dense and well-made. KZ ZS10. About $40. A little bigger than the TRN but also smoohtly curved. 4BA plus a 10mm dynamic. 25 grams including detachable cable. Feels lightweight. Really deep bass without overwhelming you with quantity. Mee M6Pro. (Not the M6 sport.) About $40. Single dynamic driver, small but not tiny casing, smoothly curved. Excellent midrange. Good isolation. All of these depend on good ear seals, so if you don't like the included eartips, go try an array of different ones immediately until you find what you like.
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