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Burn in headphones/earphones?

Hey guys! Im new to the audiophile community and i was just wondering on your thoughts on "burning in" headphones. Is it necessary to reach the full potential of the headphones? Is there really a difference and if so, how should one go about it? Much appreciated.

Depends on the headphone drivers
Half the community believes it's an actual thing where the drivers morph or something when you listen to music for the first few hundred hours before it becomes optimal.
The other half believes that it's all poppycock and it's just a phenomena where you're getting used to the sound signature of the headphones over time rather than the drivers actually getting better.
So the correct answer is: just listen to the headphone and have fun with them.
You have heard of google, right? Probably give you more reliable results than asking here. But since you asked, here are a couple links... https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/measurement-and-audibility-headphone-break http://www.tested.com/tech/accessories/459117-science-and-myth-burning-headphones/
A lot of articles reference this: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/testing-audibility-break-effects
My beef with Tyll's test is that he didn't control for unit-to-unit variance. The fact that driver matching is a real thing suggests to me that there ought to be audible unit-to-unit variance, which must be controlled for. Unfortunately, this is really hard to do, so you can pretty much safely believe whatever you want to. Regardless, whatever effects may exist are likely to be extremely small, unless something has broken.
That said, burning in your headphones is easy. All you have to do is listen to whatever music you want to on those headphones.