Sep 6, 201960 views

WTF Happened to Drop

Well just revisited the site today after a 3 mth sojourn and saw that Drop have redone categories and Pens actually has ummm no pens ... Who the hell has messed things up at Drop? You used to be such a great site to buy US items at US prices for us Aussies. Anyways hope it's a "transition" thing and things return to your former glory as a niche place to buy US goods.
Xtina Mski, Stefan66, and 1 other

Some of us had the idea that maybe Endless Pens might want to host our Writing community, so we reached out to them, and although there is no forum in place, Hop Drop is specifically created for us. You will need to create an account to see what's on offer, there will be an additional 15% off using code: HOPDROP15 This offer will be valid for a week, and there will be new deals with new discount codes every week. Visit this link for the latest on this development: The EndlessPens forum is here Looking forward to chatting with you guys over there Spread the word. Pass it on.
Sadly things have taken a turn for the worse: However: So for now the writing forum is back and here to stay. Maybe in the future formerly-massdrop will resume offering writing products.