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Changes in Several Drop Communities and Interests

Hey everyone, There are going to be some changes in the near future for several of our communities and we want to share the details with you as well as explain why we made these decisions. We have recently been taking a fresh look at our offering, and thinking deeply about how we can deliver the best community experiences. We wanted to take a step back and really understand what’s working, and what we think needs to be improved Through feedback from the community about the current user experience, and our own explorations, we’ve arrived at some changes we think are necessary to improve the experience for the majority of our members. Starting today, we will begin to implement some of these changes by adjusting how you can find certain communities and products within our site, as well as merging a couple communities and sunsetting several others. The short version:
  • We plan to improve discoverability on our site for the most active communities like Blades/EDC, Mech Keys, Audiophile, Watches and Outdoors
  • We are combining the “Blades” and “EDC” communities, and naming it “EDC”
  • We will be sunsetting several other communities, starting first with Board Games, DIY Tech, PC Gaming and Quilting, and re-evaluating our approach to the balance of our communities in the coming weeks.

And for a deeper dive:

Improving discoverability for the most active communities, like Blades/EDC, Mech Keys, Audiophile, Watches and Outdoors While our ambition has been to highlight as many communities as possible, we’d like to refocus in order to improve the overall experience for our most active communities and make it easier for everyone to navigate these areas. In the coming weeks you will begin to notice the list under the Interests tab start to get smaller as we focus on these more active areas. Combining the “Blades” and “EDC” communities This is actually a reversal of a change we made a couple years ago. Based on community feedback and our own observations, we have since identified that these two categories combined are more in line with how our community members actually think about themselves and their passions. Sunsetting several other communities, starting with Board Games, DIY Tech, PC Gaming and Quilting, as well as re-evaluating our approach to other communities in the coming weeks. In keeping with the decision to highlight the most active communities, we’re going to step back from some of our less active ones. At least for now, we will sunset Board Games, DIY Tech, PC gaming and Quilting. We will continue to evaluate the other communities to determine the right level of support and product discoverability on the site, and will keep everyone informed as things continue to evolve. We’ve been honored to work with these communities and have been inspired by the member engagement over the years. We hope that by focusing on an improved experience in a smaller number of communities we’ll better set up to deliver the best overall experience for our members. All of these changes ladder up to the same intention and philosophy - to ensure we are set up to deliver the best community-driven experience, and the best community-driven products, to our members. Thanks for joining us on this journey and being a part of the community. The Drop Team

And here are some answers to a few questions you might have: “Are you going to ramp down the other communities?” Over the coming weeks, we plan to evaluate our approach in our other communities. Some others may get ramped down, but as always, we’ll keep everyone updated if we plan to do so. “How will I find products from _____ community?” The SHOP tab is always a great way to find every single one of our available products, from Drop Studio products to 3rd party curated enthusiast products. The STUDIO tab is always the best way to find all the Drop Studio products. “What about products I’ve purchased in communities you’ve decided to sunset?” Any product you’ve joined will run its course, even if it’s set to go past the sunset date. “Will you continue to sell any products from these communities in the future?” Yes. Our Shop and Drop Studio areas have many different products in development, and we will continue to work with amazing enthusiast brands, so we will continue to offer products in multiple other communities. For the communities we are sun-setting, we expect any new product offerings in those communities to be occasional rather than regular. "I loved those communities, will they ever come back?" For the foreseeable future, we’ll be working hard to highlight our most active communities (Mech Keys, Audiophile, Watches, Outdoors and the new EDC/Blades). As we continue to grow our business, we hope to be able to extend to new communities or back into ones we previously loved. Any decision to do so will require a great amount of thought and planning so that we can give them the proper attention they deserve. We’ll of course keep you involved, up to date and aware of those changes. "I’m a member of ______ community.  Will any information in my profile be affected?" For now, for those subscribed to communities that are being sunsetted, the only content affected in your profile will be the community icon in the list below “top posts” section.  You will still be able to see all your past transactions and discussions on your profile pages, and past product runs can still be discovered in search. Any past polls, photos, discussion, and reviews you may have participated in will be discoverable through profile pages> search  UPDATE: Following additional evaluation, the next communities sunsetted will be Writing, Cooking, Photography, and TCG. Accessories and Apparel will be renamed to Style.

Jun 8, 2021
Extremely disappointing. Several other communities, I thought were doing well
Oct 9, 2020
I am sorry to hear about the sunset communities. It sounds like a male dominated sight now except for the kitchen items. Unless something really changes, I doubt I will find anything I'd interest. Thanks for the past offers.
Jul 9, 2020
I’m still baffled that mechanical keyboards is still something they actively promote. I am pretty familiar with some odd hobbies and subcultures, but never once have a met a person whose big hobby was swapping out their delete key with bizarre figurines. This has to be the most niche of nerdy hobbies, which means it cannot generate that much in sales. How does that survive and cooking, style, photography, etc. die? Put a fork in it. Drop is done.

Mar 6, 2021
erickongIf you're going to use reddit as a litmus test, then why exclude the photography and cooking subreddits in your screen shot? Maybe because the photography subreddit has 4 million subscribers and the cooking subreddit has 2.5 million subscribers.

Apr 26, 2020
This is the absolute worst decision drop these communities. Especially during this time. I keep receiving emails that I have zero interest in. It is one of the few emails I do not send to SPAM...until now! Yeah I get it, selling knives, watches, keyboards, audiophile stuff, etc. are now your bread and butter, but come on!
Dec 21, 2019
If outdoors is one of the more active communities what has happened to the outdoor offerings? The options are nothing what it used to be and there has not been new items for quite a while?
Mar 2, 2020
Apollo740Agreed. I used to buy lots of my lightweight backpacking gear from Massdrop but I haven’t seen anything new and useful in quite a while. BTW... give up on those effing trekking poles already! Let’s see more actual drops like I used to have to sign up for and then hope like mad that enough people signed up for it to make it happen. I’ve got several items like merino socks and base layers that I’m thrilled to have gotten from Massdrop and I used to refer people to them often. Those days seem to be long gone since the rebranding. R.I.P Massdrop, you will be missed.
Dec 19, 2019
Welp, dropped both games and TCG. I have no use for your site now. Good job shooting yourselves in the foot. On the upside, one less junk email daily.
Feb 14, 2020
gilby123Agree completely. This site is pretty useless now. Closing account.
Aug 5, 2020
gilby123a real shame because this was exclusively what I used the site for. Ive ordered easily five or six thousand dollars over the years thru massdrop but I guess they don't want my sales anymore. Really upset
Dec 1, 2019
I'm sorry to see that the quilting community was put into sunsetting. That was the only opportunity I had to try new products at a reasonable price. May as well close out my account. I have no interest in any of the products that have been continued and it's a waste of email space.
deb2222ah If you ever see this. There is some quilting stuff on sale here
Dec 3, 2019
erickongYes—saw the warehouse sale. I think your mistake with quilting was offering too much fabric. Thread, rulers, needles, other sewing notions, and possibly sewing machines would sell better. Also for fabric there DROP should have offered more popular brands—most of what I saw was unfamiliar brands, unattractive combos & patterns, with super weird color choices—hence so much in the warehouse.
Nov 27, 2019
I haven't seen anything good here in months and I've finally found the blog post that explains why. Used to love the cooking and photography communities and bought a lot of good stuff there. It's hard to imagine the business logic behind shutting down entire departments that made tens of thousands of sales. Unless those sales were somehow never profitable in the first place? Chalk it up to another nonsensical silicon valley business model driven by VC enthusiasm, I suppose. Would love to read the post mortem on massdrop when this is all said and done. There used to be so many bustling communities and polls here. It felt like a futuristic community-driven model of commerce. It's a ghost town now, a place only for keycaps, pocket knives and gaudy watches.
Nov 26, 2019
Well this suck, I came here looking to do some christmas shopping and very disappointed by the communities you guys decided to drop. The three main communities I only ever came here for, board games, PC parts, and DIY tech like the Pi, were all dropped. I can understand DIY tech as that is very niche but PC parts? The PC stuff would constantly sell out before I even had a chance to buy anything, do you really sell that much keyboard stuff that it's worth keeping over general PC parts.
A community member
Nov 24, 2019
I was a great fan of the deals I got in the quilting community. Sorry to sat there is nothing left here for me, so farewell.
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