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Anyone know of a good eighth inch plug to quarter inch plug adapter for headphones?

Grado makes a very good adapter cable for quarter inch plug to eighth inch plug for headphones. But, going from an eighth inch to a quarter inch seems more tricky to me. The cheap plug adapters out there seem to be hit or miss to me. I recently received three custom made cables that have an eighth inch jack (female) with a quarter inch plug (male) with eight inches of cable in between. These aren't much better. The problem appears to me to be the eighth inch female connection for both cables and one piece plug adapters.
So, would the community please share some solutions to the problem of connecting eighth inch plug headphones to quarter inch jack amplification?

Oct 26, 2017
I don't understand your problem, are you asking about this thing:
Oct 26, 2017
$25 for a Furutech on Moon Audio, gotta be a better way!
Oct 26, 2017
kphooligannlol yea, Furutech is overkill but if your headphone cable can't work with regular adapter, then you may want to check if its the headphone cable and not the adapters. I had a cable that had oxidized on the connector after years of use and I simply had to replace it.
Oct 26, 2017
I find that the cheapest ones you can find on Amazon that are barrel type work. I use them for work and tend to forget them in the console at the end of the day so I buy a few at a time. Honestly if you spend more than a few dollars on one it's a waste of money.
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