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Amazon streaming service great sound but a bug machine.

I have signed up for the 90 day free trail. Yes it is still buggy especially with downloading problems. However sound quality is definitely better than Tidal Premium. Smoother more liquid and transparent. At $15 for non prime members it will probably get me to cancel Tidal. Their ultra HD is the most noticeable difference vs Tidal master quality. I believe Tidal uses MQA and Amazon does not. Hence no decoder required. Bottom line is that i was impressed with the sound quality. Update..... I tried to call customer support about some playlist problems and all i get is a prerecorded message telling me about my subscription. Anyone know how to get in touch with a person i can talk with? UPDATE..... Download problems persist and changes to the playlists cause misalignment. However now i have occasional sound problems where some tracks sound fuzzy when you first select them to play. You need to play from the beginning for it to be fine. Bottom line is that this app is just not worth the problems. Going to renew my subscription with TIDAL at this point.

I am definitely up for a Tidal alternative but the widespread bug issues being reported will cause me to hang tight with Tidal for a bit. Haven't used the Amazon Music UI in a bit but it was terrible a few years back.
Oct 9, 2019
Of course it could just be an incompatibility problem with my samsung note 8. There are so many variables that can cause problems. I would suggest that you just sign on for the usual 30 day free trail.
Paullieb213I'll wait it out, Tidal is covering my needs for now. The Amazon HD service should have the bugs shaken out in the next 6 or so months. I have a large portion of my 512gb card filled with my own High-res and Tidal downloads so carrying multiple app's downloads isn't feasible there.
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