Has anyone tried aftermarket cables designed for Sennheisers, and if so were they worth the upgrade?

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Jul 26, 2020
I bought a Newfantasia aftermarket 4ft cable on Amazon. The reason: for portable usage, it adds on the wire a iOS compatible remote and a mic. It is useful when I use them with my iPhone. The iPhone and iPad provide sufficient voltage output for the HD58X, a plus for portable usage, no dac/amp needed. Is the Newfantasia better than the stock cable? No, but it is decent enough and it provides a remote and microphone on the the wire. The cable cost me about 20$ if I recall and was fully compatible with all HD600 series headphones (including the HD58x). Also compatible with the HD25 Light or even the HD25 with some modifications (HD25 regular version requires a similar cable but because of the one-sided cable pattern it requires L and R wires with different lengths, the left side must be longer and travels inside one of the two split headbands, which is not the case with HD25 Light version, no split headband). I use this cable either with my HD58X and my HD6XX (but I must use a Dragonfly Red Dac/Amp with the HD6XX, not needed with HD58x because of lower impedance and slightly higher efficiency).
Oct 5, 2019
If you want a longer cable, or a balanced connection, then yes. That said, I don't belong to the overpriced magic cable chasing crowd, they all sound the same unless they're broken, AFAIC. If you want a longer cable, Sennheiser has the HD650 cable on their website for about $11, works with HD 58X, HD 600, HD 650, and HD 6XX. https://en-us.sennheiser.com/accessories--hd-650--cable