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budget audio interface

Ok so someone I know makes a lot of music. She uses a MacBook Air, has a usb mic, a novation lounchpad, and has a XLR keyboard. I was wondering if there was a good budget audio interfcae that could connect all of these, and if there was a way to connect the mic to it. The mic has a usb type B in, and connects to the computer via usb A. I was thinking a Behringer U-phoria UMC202HD but I don't know how to connect the mike to the aduio interface. Thanks for help!

Nov 8, 2017
Not sure about the XLR keyboard or the Novation launchpad, but USB mics plug straight into a USB port on the computer. No interface is required. And unless the mic has a secondary output, there really isn't a way to plug in through one. That's one of the drawbacks with USB mics: you're tied to whatever preamp and ADC they have inside them. The nice thing about them is that as long as their internal hardware is decent, all you need to start recording is the mic and a computer.
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